Sample Results


For the slimmest appearance either keep the colour contrast low between the jacket and your pants. Alternatively wear pants and a top in the same colour and the jacket in a different colour but left open. Classification: Business Casual, Casual.


Jacket Length for Sample

Length is one of the most important aspects of a garment; when a garment is too long or short for you it instantly creates an awkward appearance. If a jacket, sweater or top in your wardrobe is too short for you try teaming it with a pant of the same colour and/or depth. By doing so you'll de-emphasise where one garment stops and the other starts.

Jacket Length

The length of your jacket will determine how balanced your body appears.

Currently, men's suits are going through a transformation. For many years the style was that suits were worn at or below the buttocks. Today, with the slimmer fit, jackets are getting shorter and can be worn level with the jacket sleeve or slightly shorter. This only suits the slimmer male. The more classic your style of suiting the more traditionally dressed you will appear.

A tailor can shorten your jacket up to an inch/ 2 cm without messing up its proportions. It can be lengthened to the full extent of the hem allowance by introducing a fake hem. this can be tricky as well. Overall, you generally want this part to already be perfect when you’re buying a suit, even off the rack.