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The thinner the sole of a shoe the more formal the shoe and dressier the shoe will appear. Classification: Business


Shoe Basics: Sole for Sample

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Shoe Basics: Sole

Through wear leather soles are going to wear out over time; this is normal. To increase the longevity of your leather-soled shoes, it is recommended you add a topy sole (a rubber piece that covers the front half of your sole) once your leather soles are wearing out. Because the topy sole only covers the front half of the sole, it allows your feet to breathe comfortably through the leather sole whilst adding further protection to your soles. A new heel piece can be added once the heel has worn down as well.

Keep an eye on the soles of your shoes, as it is easier to re-sole an intact shoe, while one that is worn out and through can ruin a shoe further than just the sole.