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The buttoning of a jacket is primarily determined by the button stance, a measure of how high the buttons are in relation to the natural waist. The higher the closure the taller the wear can appear and vice versa.


Dress: Single breasted for Sample

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Dress: Single breasted

Single Versus Double Breasted Suits

Suits are available in single or double-breasted versions. Each style can have numerous button arrangements causing the jacket to open high or low.

While single and double-breasted varieties are always available, the single-breasted suit has reigned supreme for the last 20 years.

Single-breasted suits are deemed suitable for all but the most formal occasions and they have three strong points in their favour over double-breasted; they are easier to wear and move in, they are cooler due to the lack of the extra layers of fabric in the front, and they give the wearer a friendly yet professional presence.

When wearing the single-breasted jacket, when buttoning it up, remember to leave the bottom button open.

Double-breasted suits are the strong men in the power stakes. A man in a dark, well-fitted double-breasted suit is made to feel strong by his very reflection. His appearance commands attention and respect from those he encounters, making this suit perfect for corporate high flyers, and those who work in finance or law. Double-breasted suits should not be left unbuttoned when standing. Unbutton the suit when seated and re-button immediately on standing. If you think you'll be bothered by the extra work, then this suit is not for you.

A common myth is that double-breasted suits should not be worn by men who are overweight or short of stature. This is incorrect, a double-breasted suit can look great on any man provided it fits well, the jacket length is perfectly balanced with his vertical proportions, the jacket has a flattering button combination, the fabric is non-bulky and, if a pattern is present it is subtle.


A suit is a uniform;
when it is of good quality and well fitted
it signals confidence and power both in business and social situations