Sample Results


A pattern that is between the size of your palm and your fingertips in the repeat or where the repeat is between 3 x 3 cms (1 ¼ ” x 1 ¼ ”) and 10 x 10 cms (4 ” x 4 ”). CLASSIFICATION: Smart and Relaxed Casual depending on the fabric.


Basics: Scale for Sample

These notes refer to your best accessory scale.

Your bone structure, height and weight make MEDIUM to LARGE your best scale for prints, patterns, jewellery, hats and hairstyles. Small scale items can look odd against your size and scale. To gauge the size of patterns, look for where the pattern is repeated and use your hand to gauge the size; small patterns will fit into the cup of your hand, medium patterns from the centre of your hand to the middle joint of your forefinger and large patterns will be anything that falls outside of your middle finger joint.

Basics: Scale

Don't be mislead into thinking the word ‘accessory' means ‘unimportant'. Accessories are vital; when well selected they give your outfit the perfect finishing touches that will allow ‘you' to shine. Accessories express your attitudes and character, declare your professional status and ordain your future. Given this, it's imperative to use the right ones.

Accessories deserve 30 per cent of your clothing budget; they include shoes, belts, jewellery, ties, gloves, suspenders, watches, tie pins, hats, glasses, pocket handkerchiefs, cuff links, briefcases, etc. Only buy the best quality you can afford. If your budget is limited, always sacrifice quantity for quality; three Italian silk ties are better than ten in polyester.

Choose your accessories with the following questions in mind.

  • How well do they coordinate with my outfits?
  • What image do they portray?
  • Is their quality consistent with the rest of my outfit?
  • How appropriate are they for where, when and in whose company I intend to wear them?
  • Am I wearing them correctly, for example, is my tie the right length, are my shoes polished and in good repair.