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Homburgs are made of stiff felt with a narrow brim (not a snap brim), which is curled up along the edges, and a lengthwise crease in the crown. Classification: Business


Hats and Caps for Sample

Most men do not wear hats on daily basis anymore. However, they still play an important part in the prevention of skin cancer and for heat retention in winter. Therefore, every man needs at least two hats, one for winter and for summer. In the case of sun protection, the function of the hat is more important than its style.

Headwear stands out and frames the most expressive part of the body – the face. Your headwear should match your attire. Baseball caps don’t go with suits; you’d be better with a Homburg or Fedora.

Hats and Caps

Hat Etiquette - A gentleman should remove his hat as he enters a building, including a restaurant, home, classroom, theatre and a church. This rule includes baseball caps and casual hats. The exception is for places that are akin to public streets, e.g., lobbies, corridors, and elevators in public buildings. In public buildings, the elevator is considered a public area, and therefore an area where a gentleman may leave his hat on. However, should a lady enter the elevator, he should remove his hat.
Men are also expected to remove their hats during the playing of the National Anthem. Men's hats are to be removed for the passing of the Flag and funeral processions, outdoor weddings, dedications and photographs.

Removed hats are held in hand in such a way that only the outside and never the lining is visible.

Hats are tipped, (or doffed) slightly lifting the hat off your forehead when meeting a lady (remove your hat if you stop to talk), or as a means of saying, thank youhellogoodbyeyou're welcome or how do you do. This hat tipping custom has the same origin as military saluting, which came from the raising of medieval Knights face visors to show friendliness.

Should your felt or straw hat lose its shape, small adjustments can be done with the steam from an iron. It is advisable to have your hat professionally reshaped though if it gets wet or has lost its shape over time.