Sample Results


The non-vented jacket is sophisticated and looks great from the back but allows very little movement. If you are a man who loves to place your hands in your pockets then ventless jackets are not a good choice for you. With your hands in your pockets, a ventless jacket will crease and bunch up at the back. Classification: Business, Formal.


Basics: Vents for Sample

Like most elements of men’s suits, the vent originated from a military need. Vents made it easier for a solider to travel by horse. The split allowed the sides of the jacket to fall to either side of the horse, giving the rider increased comfort and flexibility. Today vents are essentially an element of style, not fit. Vents should sit closed and parallel when the jacket is buttoned.

Basics: Vents

The vents of your jacket allow you to move with greater freedom.

No vents are found in formal jackets, and in shorter casual jackets and coats.

A single vent allows greater movement and access to your trouser pockets.

The double vented jacket is ideal for the professional speaker and person wearing a battery pack for their microphone. Side vents also allow ease of access to trouser pockets without raising the side of the jacket. They also disguise weight gain more effectively than a centre back vent.